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What Restaurants Owners Need to Know About Marijuana Laws


The arrival of COVID-19 has brought about massive changes for every sector in some form or another. In addition to the many challenges the restaurant industry has experienced over the last few months – from abiding to lockdowns and restrictions to offering new service options like curbside and delivery – restaurant owners are now having to take a careful approach to marijuana in the workplace.

As the worries over COVID-19 have grown, documented use of cannabis has risen. As a result, employers have had to focus on how marijuana laws affect their employees. While many states have legalized marijuana use, both medicinal and recreational, it is still very much illegal on the federal level. Employers are having to adapt their policies to ensure workers know how cannabis use will be treated.

If you own a restaurant and this is a concern for you as well, don’t be overwhelmed! These tips will help you better understand the new marijuana laws and what they mean for your establishment.

Employee Productivity

In the states where marijuana is legal, many employers have become concerned about how its use will affect the productivity of employees. Are they still able to do their jobs effectively? Senior investigator at the National Institutes of Health National Institute on Drug Abuse says there is evidence that performance can be affected, and urges employers to pay close attention to workers’ attendance.

Safety Issues

Another big concern is safety issues. Employers are increasingly worried that marijuana consumption could lead to work mishaps. The question is how employers should proceed when such incidents occur. For example, if employees consume marijuana before or after work and an on-site incident occurs, is it due to marijuana use? Experts urge employers to have policies in place and drug testing. Have clear consequences and details concerning what qualifies for termination.

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Drug Testing

As of now, there is no baseline rule for drug testing in the restaurant industry. Of course, this makes it difficult to know how to deal with positive drug testing. What if a new hire is unable to pass a drug screen? What if an upset applicant challenges your decision? The key is to outline clear policies and stick to them. The hope is that testing will change and become more regular over time, easing the burden and risks for employers.

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