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The South Kamloops Titans wrapped up a perfect Okanagan AAA boys rugby regular season with a 50 0 victory over the visiting Kelowna Rutland Voodoos on Monday afternoon. So then I had to increase the age to 50 year old guys. 2005: 106. You don’t have to do much head scratching to arrive at the answer, which is that council bosses think they’ve got one over residents and its smart to screw a bit more out of the taxpayer by pulling the wool over their eyes by making them pay again to take care of certain types of waste.. ”All our ladies are really upset because there will be nothing much left for them in the centre when we go.. “I have to say at first I was not sure, but I began looking closely at the University of Canberra and its ‘Educated Life’ campus development plan and the more I looked, the more it excited me. “We have brought a few new faces in, we will keep some others but, in the end, it doesn’t matter who the manager is, it doesn’t who the new players are or who is staying or leaving,” Mourinho said earlier this week.

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